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Great smell and works really well

I let my hair air dry without adding any product after washing it. Man! My hair felt so light and shiny! Oh and the smell is lovely!

Not overly drying

I love the smell and it lathers exceptionally well. It provided really good slip and my hair didn't feel super dry afterwards.

Need it yesterday!

This shampoo!! My only con is: when can I buy this in stock!? My hair feels moisturizing days after using it — I felt like I didn’t need to use much of the serum. It did its job as far as making my hair feel clean, not only within my scalp but also my actually locs. I didn’t feel like I needed a whole lot to do its job (other shampoo’s I’ve used, I’ve felt like i needed a big glob of it in my hair to make me feel like it’s getting cleaned.) Also, big fan of the ingredients and keeping it naturally sourced. The weight of the shampoo in my hair wasn’t dingy or felt like it was an after wash grungy-ness to my hair. I felt like my hair reacted well to the products and was able to breath peacefully.

My clients love it!

I became a Partner Affiliate of A Lazy Natural Co a couple of weeks ago. As a natural hair stylist, I needed something I could reliably reccomend to my clients. I've sold around 15 bottles in the past 2 weeks alone!

Severia Serum
Great for locs and braids

I've been using the Severia Serum since the pre-launch. I literally watched it grow in my man's patchy beard. I'm also a braider & loctician and have recently decided to become a Partner Affiliate after seeing how well the product works.

Severia Serum

I use it in my locs, I really love it.

This premium beard serum truly exceeded expectations. Its lightweight formula absorbs quickly, leaving my beard soft and manageable. The blend of oils promotes healthy growth, and the subtle scent adds a touch of sophistication. A small amount goes a long way, making it a worthwhile investment for anyone serious about grooming.

Thank you for this feedback! We're so happy you love the product as much as we do!
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A must for beard-growers

This stuff is amazing. I am the Co-Owner of a barber shop here in Omaha as well as a Partner Affiliate of A Lazy Natural Co and I'll say the product sells itself. I've sold over 30 bottles in the past 3 weeks alone. My clients can't get enough of the stuff.

Nothing like it

I'm very cautious about what I put on my face and hair, but I'm so glad I found this product. It truly is nothing like on the market. I use it in my locs twice a week and the difference between the serum vs oil has been indisputable.

My family loves it

I made the leap and tried something new. This stuff is the bomb. We've all been using it and love the way it leaves our heads feeling ultra hydrated.

Severia Serum
Works great for locs

I've been using the serum in my locs and love it's light consistency. I'm extremely active and sweat a lot, and I love that I only have to use it twice a week. It doesn't build up in my hair like oil does.

I love it

I bought one for myself and gave 2 away as gifts.

Ditched the oil

I'm so glad I swtiched over to using the serum instead of oil. It doesn't leave your hair and scalp feeling wiry, itchy or greasy. I'm never going back!


You did that! My daughter and I both love it. It's super moisturizing and I can't wait to buy some more!

Severia Serum
Love the consistency

I love how it's not oily. It also smells really great.

Severia Serum
Kid friendly

I'm absolutely shocked at how moisturized it makes my son's scalp feel. I have also been using it in my locs and when I tell you there is literally nothing like it? I'm extremely satisfied. Thank you!

Severia Serum
Me and my son share a bottle

The serum is super moisturizing to the scalp. I love how it's safe to use on kids. We've definately noticed a huge difference with increased hair growth and moisture retention!


Our whole family has locs and we love how the light consistency. It doesn't leave your scalp feeling heavy, greasy, or sticky. We especially love how it dissolves in water, so it's really great for my son who plays basketball. If you're hesistant, don't be. This stuff is the truth!

Severia Serum
My partner and I love it

My partner and I share a bottle and we absolutely love it.

It works

I love it!